Respecting divergent requests for garden styles, this property integrates both a contemporary aesthetic and a throw back to historic Santa Fe.  The seemingly contrasting desires of the clients, coupled with specific microclimates throughout the property, yielded a landscape composed of several garden areas that gracefully flow one to the next in a rhythm that can best be described as a reflection of the clients’ personalities.

One enters a relatively lush entry courtyard through an old wooden gate embellished with wrought iron, proceeds under a wisteria covered steel arbor to the front door where an old bench welcomes.  In verdant shade a Buddha statue happily graces a fountain.

Beyond lies a gravel path to a newly constructed studio, contemporary in style and complemented by a dry garden.  A rocky dry streambed collects roof run off and circulates under a stone bridge through a garden of yuccas, succulents, agaves, euphorbias and native shrubs.  Flagstone steppingstones lead to a transition zone where a stone bench is secluded under an old piñon tree.

As the path continues, St. Francis of Assisi is honored in a garden of white roses before coming upon an annual garden resplendent with flowers and edibles, overflowing with squash vines and nasturtiums, punctuated with steel towers that support tomatoes and dahlias.  This garden is viewed from a patio laced with hydrangea blossoms and the deep reflective beauty of the koi pond.

The tour is complete at the side gate where a carefully pruned character lone pine is paired with bamboo.